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No Agenda Episode 420

By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM.

The Data Hole

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Cover Art

By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 11:56 AM.

NA-420-Art Big

Art By: Dennis Cruise

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By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 12:45 PM.

The Data Hole

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We Suck

Jerry Sandusky found guilty of Penn State sexual abuse | World news |


Tell John he is dead wrong. My pop is a pharmacist and says you can absolutely get stoned on marinol. He says there is a massive crack down on pain clinics right now. Perhaps marinol is cheaper to synthesize versus pain killers from opiate plants and perhaps will draw less attention from local DEA agents who are trying to bust up the pain clinics in order to make a name for themselves.

Nick R. Brown

Daniels Officially Named Purdue University President | Indy's News Center - 93.1 WIBC Indianapolis - Live. Local. First.

Germany Boots Greece --From Soccer Tourney - It dominates in European Championship, too



NatWest finally fix computer glitch that left customers unable to use accounts | Mail Online

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia | Politics News | Rolling Stone

BBC News - NatWest to open all weekend as problems persist

ECB Officially Announces Easing Of Collateral Rules, Confirms Europe Has Run Out Of Assets -

Fal$e Flag/Drill


Kosovo's deputy prime minister quits over media law row | Reuters

Greek PM has successful eye surgery, finance minister stays in hospital | Reuters

BBC News - 'More Europe!': Germany's battle-cry for the eurozone

"More Europe means that we must give up more powers to Europe," Mrs Merkel says. She said it again after meeting the leaders of Spain, France and Italy in Rome: "The lesson of this crisis is more Europe, not less Europe."

The Future Group

A picture of the German conception of Europe's future is emerging from the utterances of the German foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, and through the newly published interim report of what is known as the Future Group, which he set up.

The proposals are:

More European power to determine the economic and tax policies of the member states. There should be a "transfer of sovereignty" to the European centre

A strengthening of the EU's "foreign office", with a common European foreign and security policy

A smaller European Commission able to make decisions faster

A bigger role for the European Parliament to make "stronger democratic legitimacy"

A directly elected President of Europe

A European army

Haiku Herman/Barroso s more fun!


My name's Joao Alves and I'm from Sintra, Portugal. I've been a listener for a long time and I've donated on 11-11-11 as JC.

I was listening to the last show when I heard John saying that haiku Herman is more entertaing then the President of the European Commission, Durao Barroso. That remark, concerning a contrymen, made me take uppon myself the task of saving the portuguese honour! We too are able to provide great entertainment for all slaves!

That beeing said, I send you this youtube clip:

Joss Manuel Barroso Maoist days - [VIDEO]

Here, you'll find a young Durao Barroso, at the time leader of a maoist youth movement. The clip has subtitles so that you can follow what he says. The clip is from 1976, when Portugal was living the troubled times that followed the 1974 revolution, wich ended a fascist dictatorchip of over 40 years.

He later switched to a more center-right party and became Prime Minister of Portugal, and then fled to a more interesting gigg with the EU in the middle of his term.

I mean no disrespect to the Baron, but I believe that the portuguese can provide a lot more fun then the belgians.

Please keep up with the great work!

Joao Alves

Sintra, Portugal

ECB Officially Announces Easing Of Collateral Rules, Confirms Europe Has Run Out Of Assets -

German upper house wants billions before backing ESM: Seehofer | Reuters



New World Order Blueprint Leaked :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website

Democracy Now - TPP

Notice--Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Western Balkans | The White House

Ministry of Truth

War on Weed

War on Hookers

On Radio, Mayor Signs Taxi Sex-Trafficking Bill -

The legislation, which creates a fine of up to $10,000 for cabdrivers who are convicted of abetting or organizing prostitution, had been one of seven bills expected to be signed by the mayor with little fuss at a ceremony on Wednesday.

The law also includes a requirement that all city-licensed cabdrivers and livery drivers attend a training course intended to help them identify the signs of a potential sex-trafficking operation so they can report any suspicions to the authorities.



Wes Clark 7

Muslim Brotherhood

Dalia Mogahed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The "Project': Muslim Brotherhood blueprint for cultural jihad - English translation - Militant Islam Monitor - Militant Islam Monitor

One might be led to think that if international law enforcement authorities and Western intelligence agencies had discovered a twenty-year old document revealing a top-secret plan developed by the oldest Islamist organization with one of the most extensive terror networks in the world to launch a program of "cultural invasion" and eventual conquest of the West that virtually mirrors the tactics used by Islamists for more than two decades, that such news would scream from headlines published on the front pages and above the fold of the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, Le Monde, Bild, and La Repubblica. If that's what you might think, you would be wrong. In fact, such a document was recovered in a raid by Swiss authorities in November 2001, two months after the horror of 9/11. Since that time information about this document, known in counterterrorism circles as "The Project", and discussion regarding its content has been limited to the top-secret world of Western intelligence communities. Only through the work of an intrepid Swiss journalist, Sylvain Besson of Le Temps, and his book published in October 2005 in France, La conquête de l'Occident: Le projet secret des Islamistes (The Conquest of the West: The Islamists' Secret Project), has information regarding The Project finally been made public. One Western official cited by Besson has described The Project as "a totalitarian ideology of infiltration which represents, in the end, the greatest danger for European societies."

Islamist Mohammed Morsi, leader of Muslim Brotherhood, wins Egypt election - World News


Fighter Shot Down

BBC News - Turkish warplane downed by Syria 'may have crossed border'

Hatay Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hatay State - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Orchard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Turkey to Consult NATO Over Downing of Jet by Syria -

The Syrian army shelled the eastern city of Deir al-Zor, killing at least 28 people, activists said | Al Jazeera Blogs

BBC News - Time to raise pressure on Syria says Annan

Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: "Break Syria into Pieces"

A timely article in the Jerusalem Post last month brings to the forefront the unspoken objective of US foreign policy, namely the breaking up of Syria as a sovereign nation state --along ethnic and religious lines-- into several separate and "independent" political entities. The article also confirms the role of Israel in the process of political destabilization of- Syria.- The JP article is titled: "Veteran Kurdish politician calls on Israel to support the break-up of Syria' (by Jonathan Spyer) (The Jerusalem Post (May 16, 2012) The objective of the US sponsored armed insurgency is---with the help of Israel---to "Break Syria into Pieces". The "balkanisation of the Syrian Arab Republic" is to be carried out by fostering sectarian divisions, which will eventually lead to a "civil war" modelled on the former Yugoslavia.-Last month, Syrian "opposition-militants" were dispatched to-Kosovo to organize training sessions using the "terrorist expertise" of the US sponsored Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in fighting the Yugoslav armed forces. - Sherkoh Abbas, President of the US based Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria (KNA)- has "called on Israel- to support the break-up of Syria into a series of federal structures based on the country's various ethnicities." (Ibid) One possible-"break-up scenario" pertaining to Syria, which constitutes a secular multi-ethnic society, would be the formation of separate and- "independent" Sunni, Alawite-Shiite, Kurdish and Druze states:-- "We need to break Syria into pieces," Abbas said. (Quoted in JP, op. cit., emphasis added).

Turkey Vows Decisive Action After Syria Shoots Down Fighter Jet - [VIDEO]

BBC News - Turkey in new air strikes on Kurdish rebels in Iraq

Kurdistan Workers' Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Follow the Pipes

Nude Dudes


U.S. says attack likely in Kenya port city | Reuters

Chinese vice president meets Kenyan counterpart - Xinhua |

Agenda 21

Clinton: family planning key to sustainability -

Remarks at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Plenary

Gaia' scientist James Lovelock: I was 'alarmist' about climate change | Mail Online

Environmental scientist James Lovelock, renowned for his terrifying predictions of climate change's deadly impact on the planet, has gone back on his previous claims, admitting they were 'alarmist'. The 92-year-old Briton, who also developed the Gaia theory of the Earth as a single organism, has said climate change is still happening - just not as quickly as he once warned. He added that other environmental commentators, such as former vice president Al Gore, are also guilty of exaggerating their arguments. The admission comes as a devastating blow to proponents of climate change who regard Lovelock as a powerful figurehead. Five years ago, he had claimed: 'Before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.' But in an interview with, he admitted: 'I made a mistake.' He said: 'The problem is we don't know what the climate is doing,' he told- 'We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books -- mine included -- because it looked clear cut, but it hasn't happened. 'The climate is doing its usual tricks. There's nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world. '[The temperature] has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising - carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that.' After two books - Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back and How We Can Still Save Humanity, and The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning: Enjoy It While You Can - he is writing a third.

Gitmo Nation

Cultural Marxism

Anders Behring Breivik: history will exonerate me | World news |

Victims' relatives walk out as trial ends with killer demanding to be set free and asking court to reject insanity claim

The trial of Anders Behring Breivik has ended with the confessed mass killer demanding to be set free and vowing that history would exonerate him for a bomb and gun rampage that killed 77 people.

As the self-styled anti-Muslim militant spoke for the last time in the 10-week proceedings, around 30 relatives of his victims walked out of the courtroom as he spoke.

In a rambling statement, Breivik lashed out at everything he perceived to be wrong with the world, from non-ethnic Norwegians representing the country in the Eurovision song contest to the sexually liberated lifestyle of the characters in the American TV show Sex and the City.

He also claimed fellow rightwing extremists were behind a small amount of explosives found outside a Swedish nuclear plant this week. The Swedish police spokesman Tommy Nyman had no comment, adding "especially not if he says it".

While some of Breivik's comments prompted laughter in the Oslo court, gravity returned when he reiterated his motive for bombing a government building in Oslo, killing eight, and hunting down teenagers at the Labour party's youth camp on Utya island. Sixty-nine people died and dozens more were injured in one of the worst peacetime shooting massacres by a single gunman

Un-Fair Campaign

Shut Up Slave!

Drone Nation